How to change the Look and Feel of Feedback Designer Forms
Purpose & Scope

Often people would like to change the look and feel of the Feedback Designer forms. To make the lables appear on multiple lines or only one.

Use the following procedure to modify the form look and feel.

Main Menu
1. From the module Main Menu, select MODIFY LOOK AND FEEL


2. Use the Text HTML editor to Modify the Introduction text that appears at the top of the public side of the Feedback module. This is uses standard DNN Text HTML editing.


Form Item Layout Text/HTML

3. Here you will find the html code that lays out the form items in the public view. Using the HTML editor, select HTML view mode, and edit the HTML code directly to get the best results.

The most common change it to edit the width of the table that displays all the form items to the public.

To make the form wide and prevent items from spanning two lines. Modify the HTML code in the top line: ' '. Change the 250 to something wider like 500

Remember though that your web page, width of the site and container will effect this.



Message Sent HTML


4. This text HTML box can be edited to display a message to the user of your form. When a usre submits a form, the text here will be displayed in the module space.


Form Item Height Width


5. Enter the width that the form Item in this box.






Gives this result




And a width of 100 gives this result. Note the small width of each item.
Additional Comments
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