Enabling RSS within the AnnoounceIT Module
Purpose & Scope
Please follow the procedure below to enable RSS feed from within the AnnounceIT Module.
To Enable RSS News Feeds from this module.
1. Login with Administrator or Host access
2. On the AnnounceIt module menu, select 'Settings'
3. Expand the 'Page Settings'
4. Select 'Allow Syndicate?'
5 Select 'Update'
6 Best Practice is to wait 60 minues to ensure that the Search Scheduler has had time to act. You can speed this up by.(DotNetNuke.Services.Search.SearchEngineScheduler) to elapse every 1 minute and then the RSS feed will generate. We do not recomend this for users who do not know that they are doing!
7 At the end of 1 hours wait, From the AnnounceIt admin menu, select 'Syndicate'
You should be taken to a URL that is a syndicate of your site looking like this.
If you cannot view the URL on your site, or the one above, chances are that you do not have a compatable RSS browser. Try IE7 or Firefox.
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