On Early DNN 5x (05.00.01) the delivery of email is slow or stopps

We discovered a problem with DNN 05.00.01 and believe the problem is likely to be there in all the very early versions of DNN 5x. The issue relates to DNN not handling memory correctly. After a period of the Bulk Emailer running, IIS will reset on the DNN website. This should not be a big issue, but we have found is that the when the crash happens, the server will report with incorrect time dates to the Bulk Emailer module. This causes the send process to delay for a day, and in some cases to stop all together.

We looked at implementing a solution by reading data times stamps from the database server and not the IIS server, but after some careful consideration about possible implications…. We decided that we should not try to compensate for the Beta releases of DNN 5x with known memory problems, and instead say that the fix is to upgrade to a more recent DNN release.

Upgrade DNN to a more stable release than the early version of DNN 5x (at the time of writing this, we suggest DNN 05.04.00)
Additional Comments
The memory exception error is talked about in many forums. It is a known DNN early 5x problem.