Email Services with InteractiveWebs SmarterMail
Purpose & Scope
To understand how to setup and access email services with InteractiveWebs.

Webmail Access

 You can access your webmail by browsing to:

Setting up your email software (outlook)

There are 3 ways to connect your email client to our mail services. 

1. POP3 Settings

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

SSL Security is available

TLS Security is available


User Name

The user name will always be in the format of your email address:



Your password will be as requested or as advised.


2. IMAP Access Settings

IMAP is available with incoming and outgoing mail server:


3. Exchange Email and Push Services for Mobile Devices

This service allows you to use your account for sharing contacts, calendars, tasks and email across multiple devices. The email messages can be pushed real time to your devices such as an iPhone for instant effective communication. Available on request, with an additional monthly charge.


Standard Spam and Virus Protection

We provide standard email virus scanning and regular spam protection services free of charge on all incoming and outgoing mail messages.


Advanced Spam Protection

Available on request with an additional monthly charge.


Port Blocking by ISPs such as Telstra

Some ISPs block port 25 (mail sending) from their connections as a way of helping to stop spam viruses from blasting mail out on their networks. If you find you can send a test message to yourself, but not to an external address, chances are that you have port 25 blocked. In the advanced settings of your POP3 mail connection, you can change the outgoing port from 25 to 587. Alternatively you can set the connection to use SSL or TLS security, this should automatically set the port to 587.


Delay on Receiving Messages

This email service uses a system known as grey listing. The service helps to combat spam mail, and it can delay messages inbound by 15 min. This delay is only on initial contact from someone, and only when necessary.

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