Creating a New Email Account SmarterMail
Purpose & Scope
To understand the steps to add a new user account to the InteractiveWebs SmarterMail server for a domain administrator.
Here are the steps to create a new user in Smarter Mail 9 Enterprise.
Add New Email Address

1. Log into the webmail interface. as amail administrator.

2. After Login, select the Settings Icon from the left hand menu.


3. Expand Domain Settings and Select Users.


4. From the Main Window, select New.


5. Fill in new user details with the following format.

User Name:  firstname.lastname

Pass: secure password

Display Name: FirstName LastName

Reply-To Email Address:

Backup Email Address: Optional (Use Existing personal address of user if filled in)

User Status: Enabled

Mailbox Size Limit: 50 MB

Enable Outgoing Mail Signing: Enabled


6. Click Save when complete.

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