10 Reasons for InteractiveWebs CRM

10 Things that will make you want to crawl through barbed wire under enemy fire to get your hands on our InteractiveWebs CRM


Web facing portal that hooks into CRM Dynamics Live or IFD of CRM 4.0

A fully functional CMS website with user management and security services that links directly to a Microsoft CRM 4.0 services. Leveraging the power of CRM linked to a true CRM platform.


Customer Portal for your customers to interact with their CRM data

You clients can login to the portal to interact with your business. Updating their contact details, actioning support requests, updating recurring billing payment details and much more. All of the time they are on the portal interacting, they are interacting with your CRM system seamlessly.


Content Management System built on DotNetNuke

We have chosen the robust ASP.Net CMS system called DotNetNuke to extend. This gives a reliable, solid and popular CMS system as the portal interface, allows for you to make a truly professional experience for your clients.


Two Way Synchronization of Contacts and their profile data on the website

We have written code to handle true two way syncing between the CRM and DNN platforms. Add or edit contact details in CRM, or DNN and they data will automatically update the other database. This too allows for your CRM system to be offline temporarily, and your customers can still interact with the portal.


Two Way Synchronization of Security Roles and permissions

DotNetNuke has a robust permission based security services. Allows you to use security roles to control content to users. We have interlinked this to the CRM system, so you can add, edit and control from CRM the security roles on your Interactive CRM portal.


Automatic Recurring Billing in CRM

By Extending the Microsoft CRM platform, we have provided an automated recurring billing system that can, invoice, direct debit, direct credit card charge, invoice for PayPal payments. All of which is tracked and work flowed in CRM. It includes automatic receipts, credit card expiry update, auto direct debit form processing and more.


Linked – Knowledge Base, Articles, Marketing, News, Cases, Leads, Opportunity

We have taken all the CRM entities that could be useful as a web facing Interactive CRM system and interlinked them to the Interactive CRM portal. Exposing components like the form to lead, or form to case services. We have exposed Knowledge Base services to the web and Announcements.


Content Managed unique content for different users

Using the role assignments and password recovery system of the Interactive CRM system in your MS CRM service, you can allow approved users to access unique content. For example you can allow a member to see member data, and only be a member while the recurring billing service can process them as an approved financial member.


Marketing List and Bulk Email Integration

We have interlinked the Microsoft CRM marketing system into the Interactive CRM portal, allowing true Bulk Email functionality in CRM. Track email reads, track link clicks, send MHTML or MS Word document formatted email messages, unsubscribe directly to the portal and link the unsubscribe back into individual contacts in CRM.


Integrated Events Management System

Mange the creation of an “Event”, with date location time, cost and seating arrangements. Allow people to book and pay online for the event, then have the event registration feed back into the MS CRM system. Allow you to report on and track users who attend your events. All the user interface is web facing while all the management is CRM backend facing.

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